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About us - The team

Jim Peirson Dental Health Care currently consists of three dentists and a hygienist. There are also two nurses with extended duties as well as a number of other nurses, trainee nurses and receptionists.

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jim peirson (bds) - GDC registration number: 56621

Jim Peirson BDS qualified at Newcastle University in 1982 and came to the practice later in that year. He bought the practice in 1988 and developed the existing preventive theme further by working with a team of management consultants called the Dental Health Practitioners Group. He has also done courses in orthodontics, the treatment of temperomandibular joint dysfunction and practice management. In recent years he has been a trainer for recently qualified dentists on the vocational training scheme.

Padmapriya Rajesh (bds) - gdc registration number: 116483

Priya Rajesh BDS qualified at Tamilnadu University in India in 2001. She passed her International Qualifying Examination to practice in the UK in 2007 and completed a year of Vocational Training in 2008.

Banan Nasrallah LOM - gdc registration number: 208236

Banan Nasrallah LOM qualified as a dentist in Murcia, Spain in 2007, where she worked in private practice for a while until moving to the UK.

Hanna R Safdar BDS - gdc registration number: 207750

Hanna R Safdar BDS qualified in 2007 in Lahore, Pakistan before passing her overseas qualifying exam to practice in the UK in 2010. Hanna joins us as a vocational trainee.

John Midgley - gdc registration number:

John qualified in Birmingham in 1983. He normally resides in America but periodically works with us as a locum dentist for several months at a time.

Sherry Hart RDH - Hygienist - GDC Registration number: 2738

Sherry qualified in 1984 at Kings College Hospital London and started at the practice in January 1991.


All dental nurses are now required to complete a formal course of education leading to certification and registration with the General Dental Council. A number of our nurses have also completed further training which includes: the taking of x-rays, applying fluorides topically, taking impressions, oral health education and removing sutures.

Tracey Bales (GDC Registration Number: 119987) and Kate Grimmer (GDC Registration Number: 133822) undertake all of the above duties on a regular basis.

Most of the nurses are well versed in oral health advice and routinely help patients in this aspect of their care.

Other nurses include Abby Peirson (GDC Registration Number: 209186) , Stacey Curson, Jess Hall, and Beth Leggett who are all qualified. Layla Howe and Kelly Pitman are both on training courses.

Julia Jermy manages our sterilisation procedures as our sterile services technician.


There are a team of mainly part time receptionists who do their best to make the practice run smoothly and answer patients' many queries. They Include Hilary Paston, who is now in her 21st year at the practice, Lisa Slaughter, Nat Peirson, Jill Herring, Kate Grimmer and Marian Peirson.

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Management responsibilities are divided between Jim Peirson, Kate Grimmer and Marian Peirson. Any correspondence should be addressed to Jim Peirson or Kate Grimmer.

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