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New Patient information - private

Examples of private treatments and charges are as follows:

Prophy-jet cleaning for effective removal of stains
White fillings in back teeth
from £85.00
from £415.00
Porcelain veneers to cover badly discoloured or misshapen teeth
from £328.00
Composite veneers (single surgery visit)
from £142.00
Full mouth bleaching (in surgery)
Zoom tooth whitening home kit
Bridges to replace missing teeth
Standard from £1196.50
Maryland from £666.00
Chrome dentures to replace missing teeth
from £492.50
Root treatments
£154.00 - £273.00
Fixed brace orthodontic treatment
from £2367.00
Full acrylic denture
from £485.00
Swarovski crystal tooth gem

There are a wide range of possibilities when it comes to private treatments and it is best to discuss your aspirations with your dentist to find out what might be the most appropriate in your case.

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