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New Patient information - low cost independent

Because the contract with dentists changed in 2006 and dentists are now on a fixed price contract for a fixed amount of treatment we have found that the practice has exceeded its NHS capacity on a number of occasions since then. Sometimes it has not proved possible to acquire additional funding from the NHS to continue treating patients and so we have developed a low cost independent scheme to help us continue treating patients at a realistic level of charges. These charges aim to provide us with a similar level of income to what we would receive under the NHS arrangements for the same standard of care, but is more geared to the amount of treatment needed.

Examination or scaling alone
Examination and scaling together
Small x-rays
£5.50 each (Free in a course of treatment)
Panoral x-ray
Visit with Oral Hygiene Nurse
Up to two fillings or extractions
Additional fillings or extractions
Happy gas
Single cone root treatment
£134 - £193.50
One acrylic denture
Full upper and lower acrylic denture
Silver crown/non precious bonded jacket crown
Maximum charge for a course of treatment including fillings, but excluding lab work
Maximum charge for a course of treatment including root fillings, but excluding lab work

Panoral x-rays are usually charged independently as they are not readily available in general dental practices.

Ultimately charges will be agreed with you in the surgery at examination prior to any other treatment being carried out.

In the past NHS capacity has tended to run out towards the end of the financial year which is 31st March. If you wish to know what our current position is please contact the practice.

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